Siemens Combustion Controls

Siemens Combustion Controls is an industry leader in providing combustion control technology for a variety of applications. From their best-in-class parallel positioning flame safeguard control system, the LMV3 and LMV5, to the lowest gas valve pressure drops in the industry with their VGG and VGD series, Siemens has everything you could need for your boiler room combustion control solutions.

Soon to come, high differential modulating control valves for high pressure and high temperature boiler systems

Siemens LMV37.420A1 Linkageless Flame Safeguard Control System

Siemens LMV3 Control System

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Siemens AZL23.00A9 display module for LMV37.420A1 and LM36.520A1.

Siemens AZL23.00A9 Display For LMV3

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Siemens Combustion Controls TDCCOMBO connector cable for AZL23 and LMV3 control system.

Siemens TDCCOMBO Connector Cable For AZL23.00A9

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Siemens QRA4.U forward viewing UV flame scanner for LMV36.420A1 and LMV37.520A1. Siemens QRA4M.U forward viewing high sensitivity UV flame scanner for LMV36.420A1 and LMV37.520A1.

Siemens LMV3 Flame Scanners

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Siemens SQM33.550A9 Servomotor.

Siemens LMV3 SQM33 Actuators

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Siemens OCI412.10 Modbus Interface Module for LMV37.420A9 and LMV36.520A9 control system.

Siemens OCI412.10 Modbus Interface For LMV3

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Siemens VA33 Valve Actuator Assembly. 1/2" VA33-NF-050, 3/4" VA33-NF-075, 1" VA33-NF-100, 1-1/4" VA33-NF-125, 1-1/2" VA33-NF-150, 2" VA33-NF-200, 2-1/2" VA33-NF-250, 3" VA33-NF-300, 4" VA33-NF-400.

Siemens VA33 Full Port Valve Actuator Assembly

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