Mepco (Dunham Bush) IB inverted bucket steam trap. 1-1/4" models IB15-5-15, IB15-5-30, IB15-5-60, IB15-5-100, IB15-5-125, IB15-5-180, IB15-5-225, IB15-5-250. 1-1/2" models IB15-6-15, IB15-6-30, IB15-6-60, IB5-6-100, IB15-6-125, IB15-6-180, IB15-6-225, IB15-6-250. 2" models IB15-8-15, IB15-8-30, IB15-8-60, IB15-8-100, IB15-8-125, IB15-8-180, IB15-8-225, IB15-8-250.

Mepco IB15 Inverted Bucket Steam Trap

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The Mepco (Dunham Bush) series IB inverted bucket steam trap is an economical solution for steam process equipment. Best suited for kettles and laundry equipment, after initial prime air and condensate is vented from the orifice after condensate accumulation causes the bucket to fall.

The IB15 is suitable for pressure ratings up to 250 PSI and condensate flows up to 10,910 lbs/hr.

  • Trap body has a 10-1/4" face to face dimension
  • Available in sizes 1-1/4", 1-1/2", and 2"
  • Available in pressure ratings 15 PSI, 30 PSI, 60 PSI, 100 PSI, 125 PSI, 180 PSI, 225 PSI, 250 PSI
  • Specification sheet

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