Siemens LME73 Flame Safeguard. LME73.000A1, LME73.810A1PKG, LME73.811A1PKG, LME73.812A1PKG, LME73.820A1PKG, LME73.830A1PKG, LME73.840A1PKG.

Siemens LME73 Flame Safeguard

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The Siemens LME73 burner control is used for basic flame supervision designed to pair with the SQM4 and SQM5 actuator. Here you will find LME73 flame safeguards with built-in PME73 modules as pre-programmed packaged units.

  • Siemens LME73 Technical Specifications
  • Siemens LME73 Technical Instructions
  • Siemens LME73 drives & proves open the actuator for purge & closed for ignition
  • Siemens LME73 has independently wired safety interlocks for specific fault indication
  • Siemens LME73 has configurable safety parameters customized to your application
  • Siemens LME73 has Modbus and remote display options with the AZL23.00A9 

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