Siemens VA33 Valve Actuator Assembly. 1/2" VA33-NF-050, 3/4" VA33-NF-075, 1" VA33-NF-100, 1-1/4" VA33-NF-125, 1-1/2" VA33-NF-150, 2" VA33-NF-200, 2-1/2" VA33-NF-250, 3" VA33-NF-300, 4" VA33-NF-400.

Siemens VA33 Full Port Valve Actuator Assembly

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The Siemens VA33-NF full port valve actuator assembly includes a Siemens SQM33 servomotor durably mounted to a Siemens VKG butterfly valve. The valve is utilized to regulate and control the flow of natural gas, propane, butane, or air.   


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