The originator of the first thermostatic steam trap, Mepco offers a full line of steam traps including inverted bucket, thermostatic, float and thermostatic, and thermodynamic steam traps. Mepco also offers repair kits for Armstrong, Barnes & Jones, Hoffman, Spirax/Sarco, and Warren Webster steam traps. Mepco's full compliment of radiator valves for steam and hot water applications also includes thermostatic radiator valves for automatic temperature control.

Mepco (Dunham Bush) S-402 replacement 1/3 HP ODP motor. Used for Guardian Series condensate return and boiler feed system. Item DL1213

Mepco (Dunham Bush) S-402 Replacement Motor

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Mepco (Dunham Bush) S-2772 and Vent Rite S-2772RA replacement motor for boiler feed, condensate, and vacuum condensate return systems.

Mepco (Dunham Bush) S-2772RA Replacement Motor

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Mepco (Dunham Bush) S-2774 and Vent Rite S-2774RA, 1-1/2 HP, ODP, 56J frame, 208-230-460 volt, three phase motor.

Mepco (Dunham Bush) S-2774RA Replacement Motor

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