The originator of the first thermostatic steam trap, Mepco offers a full line of steam traps including inverted bucket, thermostatic, float and thermostatic, and thermodynamic steam traps. Mepco also offers repair kits for Armstrong, Barnes & Jones, Hoffman, Spirax/Sarco, and Warren Webster steam traps. Mepco's full compliment of radiator valves for steam and hot water applications also includes thermostatic radiator valves for automatic temperature control.

Mepco MD series thermodynamic disc steam trap. 1/2" MD-44, 159S01A1; 3/4" MD-66 159S01A2; 1" MD-88 159S01A3.

Mepco MD Series Thermo Dynamic Steam Trap Without Strainer

Regular price $180.00
Mepco MDS thermodynamic steam trap with strainer.

Mepco MDS Series Thermo Dynamic Steam Trap With Strainer

Regular price $202.00