Watson McDaniel FT601 Series F&T Stainless Steel Steam Trap. 3/4" FT601-65-13-N, FT601-145-13-N, FT601-200-13-N, FT601-300-13-N, FT601-450-13-N. 1" FT601-65-14-N, FT601-145-14-N, FT601-200-14-N, FT601-300-14-N, FT601-450-14-N. 1-1/2" FT601-65-16-N, FT601-145-16-N, FT601-200-16-N, FT601-300-16-N, FT601-450-16-N. 2" FT601-65-17-N, FT601-145-17-N, FT601-200-17-N, FT601-300-17-N, FT601-450-17-N.

Watson McDaniel FT601 Series, NPT Float & Thermostatic Steam Trap

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The Watson McDaniel FT601 series float & thermostatic steam trap with in-line port configuration is the most robust float & thermostatic steam trap offering. With excellent air handling capability to efficiently remove condensate and prevent steam system back-up, the FT601 is a durable 316L stainless steel solution that also has excellent air handling capability. 

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