Watson McDaniel HD-LP Low Pressure Regulator Main Valve. 1/2" HD-12-N-LP, 3/4" HD-13-N-LP, 1" HD-14-N-LP, HD-14-F150-LP, HD-14-F300-LP, 1-1/4" HD-15-N-LP, 1-1/2" HD-16-N-LP, HD-16-F150-LP, HD-16-F300-LP, 2" HD-17-N-LP, HD-17-F150-LP, HD-17-F300-LP, 2-1/2" HD-18-F150-LP, HD-18-F300-LP, 3" HD-19-F150-LP, HD-19-F300-LP, 4" HD-20-F150-LP, HD-20-F300-LP, 6" HD-22-F150-LP, HD-22-F300-LP.

Watson McDaniel HD-LP Series Low Pressure Main Valve

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The Watson McDaniel HD Series full port regulating valve is designed for extremely accurate control of temperature and pressure in steam service applications. Robust ductile iron construction with innovative design includes full port strainer and blowdown valve on pilot mount guarding against dirt in the steam system causing regulator failure. Pilot operator hardware kit included for single pilot operation, double pilot operation adapter sold separately.

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