Watson McDaniel SIBH stainless steel inverted bucket steam trap. 1/2" SIBH-12-N-15, SIBH-12-N-30, SIBH-12-N-70, SIBH-12-N-125, SIBH-12-N-200, SIBH-12-N-250, SIBH-12-N-450. 3/4" SIBH-13-N-15, SIBH-13-N-30, SIBH-13-N-70, SIBH-13-N-125, SIBH-13-N-200, SIBH-13-N-250, SIBH-13-N-450.

Watson McDaniel SIBH High Capacity Stainless Steel Inverted Bucket Steam Trap

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The Watson McDaniel series SIBH high capacity stainless steel inverted bucket steam trap is an economical solution for steam process equipment. Best suited for high pressure drip locations and laundry equipment, after initial prime condensate is vented from the orifice after condensate accumulation causes the bucket to fall. This makes the SIBH less susceptible to dirt and debris impacting trap operation. All Watson McDaniel inverted bucket steam traps are repairable for even bigger operational savings.

The series SIBH is suitable for pressure ratings up to 450 PSI and condensate flows up to 1,060 lbs/hr.

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