Watson McDaniel WSSCV NPT Stainless Steel Check Valve. 1/2" NPT WSSCV-12-N-0, WSSCV-12-N-5. 3/4" NPT WSSCV-13-N-0, WSSCV-13-N-5. 1" NPT WSSCV-14-N-0, WSSCV-14-N-5. 1-1/4" NPT WSSCV-15-N-0, WSSCV-15-N-5. 1-1/2" NPT WSSCV-16-N-0, WSSCVQF-16-N-0, WSSCV-16-N-5. 2" NPT WSSCV-17-N-0, WSSCV-17-N-5, 2-1/2" NPT WSSCV-18-N-0, WSSCV-18-N-5. 3" NPT WSSCV-19-N-0, WSSCV-19-N-5.

Watson McDaniel WSSCV Series Stainless Steel NPT Check Valve

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The Watson McDaniel WSSCV Series stainless steel check valve is allows for tight shut-off while minimizing water hammer. Often used in petrochemical, pulp & paper, textile, and food & beverage industries, the WSSCV provide longer service life than bronze or cast iron bodied check valves. 

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